This week’s coding journey is a quick interview with Antonia. She first learned how to code when she was 8. Though she loved coding, she went on to study Primary Education for a Bachelor degree. She realised how she loves to teach and to code, voila! It’s a perfect combination for her.

Please introduce yourself

Hey there. My name is Antonia and I am a Coding Tutor for Teens and Kids. I teach Scratch, Python, Javascript, Lua, HTML & CSS.

What was your background before learning to code?

I studied Primary Education as a Bachelor degree and Robotics after.

What got you interested in coding and how did you learn to code?

I started with some C++ at school and then I was thinking how I can combine the teaching with coding. I wanted to create fun stuff like animations and easy games for kids.

How did you get your first job in tech?

The past 2 years I was doing random jobs like working in Tv Channels and in a Stationery office. I was happy with my jobs but they didn’t fulfill me as a person. Also I wanted to get more involved around technology and programming languages. So, I started a Diploma in Software Engineering.

How did you prepare for an interview?

For Real? I did nothing! After 4 years learning around interviewing I decided that I will be myself. I study 0 things and I went with my knowledge and what I love. And I got the job as a Coding tutor.

Any obstacles that you have to overcome in learning coding?

I had some difficult times. I was thinking that my brain couldn’t handle any other information. But after 4-5 tries I got my confidence back.

Tips for newbies?

Never give up. Never stop learning as long as you live. And don’t be dissapointed. Find what you like more about developing and engineering and work hard to be good at it.

What are your plans for the future?

I am very happy with my job and my only future plans is to learn more around CSS and Python.